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Emergency Shower

Discover our range of Emergency Shower solutions, designed to swiftly and effectively cleanse the eyes and body of harmful substances, thereby reducing the risk of injury or lasting harm. Ideal for environments such as laboratories, chemical manufacturing facilities, and paper mills where hazardous materials are present, our emergency showers and eye-wash stations are essential for complying with health and safety regulations. Our collection includes versatile combination units that integrate both eye wash and shower functions, as well as drench hoses which can be used as stationary eye-rinse stations or hand-held for targeted application. We offer a variety of emergency eye-wash options, from plumbed-in units to self-contained systems with integrated wash tanks, alongside portable eye-wash bottles for immediate response. Our drench showers, available for installation on ceilings, walls, or floors, ensure a rapid and thorough decontamination process. Each product is sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability in critical situations.

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